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TKS 808 - Your TOTAL Timekeeping Solutions







TKS 808 efficiently automates the attendance and payroll management of your company. It meets your simplest and most complex requirement on timekeeping and has been designed to adapt your company’s evolving needs.
TKS 808 promotes efficiency by reducing valuable man-hours spent on data processing and greatly decreases manual encoding errors and discrepancies. For companies with branches nationwide, it can easily centralize your payroll processing. It also instantly delivers online time and attendance data information going to your existing Payroll system and Attendance processing department, by branch or of the entire company and effortlessly allows you to produce reports such as:

  • Daily attendance summary or Daily Time Record
  • Leaves, Overtime and Par period Attendance Summary
  • Attendance Log Table of each employee for payroll period
  • Attendance authorization
  • Leaves and Overtime Data Entry
  • Change of Shift Work Schedule
  • Attendance audit trail


TKS 808 can be interfaced with your existing payroll or timekeeping system.
TKS 808 has successfully applied the system for client in various industries regardless of size or geography.
TKS 808 has a strong local research and development team to support your company’s requirements from customization of the product’s function to service and maintenance.
TKS 808 has been designed with a workable upgrade path not only from simplest to the most complex system setup but from the most basic to the highly advance timekeeping hardware as well.
TKS 808 Data Recorder – is the most flexible data capture device locally manufactured and available today.

  • Compact designed to save space
  • LCD 16x2 character display
  • 128 kb memory
  • 4 hours UPS, 90 days memory data retention
  • 3,000 memory record transactions
  • Messaging capability
  • Employee Grouping or Terminal Assignment
  • TCPIP-LAN/WAN connection, FTP setup
  • Online data transfer- real time
  •  Proudly Philippine made with very good local support & R&D


  • WEB BROWSER/ Web Base (Soon to come)